Who We Are

Welcome to the home of the Craig County Republican Committee. Like many of you we share concern for the future of our nation and community. This organization is made up of leaders who share a vision inspired and promoted by the Founding Fathers. If you agree with the "We Believe" statement also known as our "Creed" at the top of this page, we encourage you to consider joining us. Feel free to come to any meeting, you will always be welcome.


Repeal and Replace

The American healthcare system is broken. That much Republicans and Democrats can agree upon, but instead of fixing the problem, Obamacare hands it over to the government so that it can make it worse. Our doctors tell us that Obamacare does not fix the underlying problems in our system. It is time to try something new by repealing Obamacare and moving forward with a comprehensive market solution that makes sense for doctors, patients, and providers alike.


Preserving Federa...

Enshrined in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, Federalism is one of the most important structures in our national government. It guarantees that the Federal government has limited power and that powers not expressly given to it are left to the individual states to carry out. States in turn can give power to local counties, cities, and school boards. Federalism brings government local and specializes it to the needs of the community. The Republican party stands for preserving Federalism and supporting the strong local governments that it creates.


The Cost of College

With the cost of college increasing far more than inflation for the past decade, college students and recent graduates have been struggling to pay everything. Student loan debt has become the most common form of debt in the United States, totaling more than all credit card debt. Beyond the costs, many college students are still struggling to find work even after they graduate and are often underemployed even if they do find a job. We need to approach this problem from two fronts. First, we need assist college students finance their debt safely and smartly. Second, we need to offer alternatives to four year colleges that cost less and give students practical skills for the workforce.



Conserving the natural beauty of America is of paramount concern. Our children have a right to enjoy the magnificent landscapes, parks, and forests that every generation before them has gotten to enjoy. The Republican Party is committed to being a steward of the land and protecting it from wasteful destruction. However, we must always balance economic development and personal property rights with our concern for the environment. Moving forward, we should always remember to conserve when possible.